This Is My Book: All About Me

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Worksheets to boost self-esteem, encourage self-reflection and help children come to know themselves better.

By E A Morris

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Use these worksheets to:

  • Promote better relationships
  • Improve understanding of other people
  • Strengthen a child’s ability to manage emotions
  • Improve self-soothing techniques

Through the interactive worksheets, children are given the opportunity to learn more about themselves, increase their self-awareness, build up their knowledge and skills, socialise and cooperate with one another. The worksheets include:

  • My Favourite Things to Eat
  • My Favourite Things at School
  • Who am I?
  • Dear Me
  • My Very Best Memory
  • How I Feel and How I Look – Inside
  • How I Feel and How I Look- Outside
  • The Silliest Songs in the World

ISBN 978-1-909380-71-4