Winston the Worried Whale

£ 9.25

Winston the Worried Whale is a fun and captivating storytime resource that will help teachers approach the sensitive subject of worries with young children.

Written by Alice Griffin
Illustrated by Heidi Rivolta


In this imaginatively illustrated picture book, loveable character Winston takes children on a journey through his worries, in turn helping them to think about how they can ease their own. The additional resources – printable from a FREE CD-Rom – offer numerous opportunities to stimulate valuable discussion on worries.

Children will feel an instant connection to Winston?s friendly nature, especially when he shares his secret with them? that even though blue whales are the largest animal ever to have lived on earth, even though Winston is bigger than all the other sea creatures and they all think he is brave and not scared of anything, he does feel worried about a few things:

  • Winston worries about being able to swim fast like the rest of his family
  • He feels afraid of diving down into the deep dark ocean
  • ? but mostly he worries about making friends

Children may not have exactly the same worries as a big blue whale, but they will be able to relate to feeling nervous or afraid, and I?m sure many will know how scary it can be to make new friends.

The storybook covers:

  • How it feels to have a worry
  • When to seek help from others
  • The importance of friendship
  • Recognising how we might lessen worries

FREE CD-Rom includes:

  • Selection of colouring sheets for young children highlighting thought-provoking questions about worries
  • Ideas for group activities with older children to encourage acknowledgement and support for worries within their peer group

Further Information:

  • Age: pre-school to 8
  • Size: 23cm x 16.5cm /24 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-909380-85-1

?The written text in large, clear print is engaging and the direct speech bubbles add to the vitality of the pages. Intensely coloured art work has a fine, dark line that helps communicate the feelings and emotions on the faces of the young whale and the other sea creatures. I like the ?Further Discussion and Activity? suggestions which help structure a conversation between the sharing adult and the child or group of children. Stories create a space for thinking about concerns and issues at a distance from children?s direct experience ? a space in which they can empathise with the characters? feelings.?
– Margaret Mallett, The School Librarian Journal, School Library Association,

?This storybook has been designed to encourage pupils up to the age of 8 to talk about their anxieties.?It is based upon the character of Winston the Blue whale, who although appearing to the world to be big and brave is actually worried about many things happening in his life.?The story content is reinforced by attractive illustrations that promote discussion and help to raise issues that otherwise children might think only apply to them.? A useful book for all Early Years and Primary settings and of particular value to mentors, counsellors and groups aimed at promoting emotional well-being.?
– Carol Smart, SNIP,?
?What a lovely way to read?and?support children. I love the illustrations that express Winston?s anxiety, showing children that how they?look?and?feel?are very different.?Primary school years are tough, when children are learning not only the ABC?s but also about socialising, taking part in new activities and discovering what they are good at or not, as we can?t all be good at everything. This book helps to gently and supportively highlight these issues. I love it!?
– Debbie Bird, Parenting Editor

?I loved Winston the Worried Whale! ?It’s beautifully written and illustrated, and would think be very comforting for an anxious child. A gentle and reassuring book.?
– Caroline Egar, Programme Director, Partnership for Children,

?The character, Winston, learns – through talking about his worries – how to get support and deal with them. In my experience this is a subject many children can relate to with changes that happen.?
– Dea Threader, Teaching Assistant, Wyvern School

?Very few storybooks deal directly with understanding emotions in a non-abstract?way, which is why I think this book is particularly useful for autistic kids, like my son.?
– R. Dawe, Parent

?This lovely, beautifully illustrated story allowed me to discuss with my daughter her worries about starting school and watch her go from worried to excited. It was great to address these issues naturally after reading the book!?
– Vicky Ritchen, Parent

“Not only a reassuring read for kids, ‘Winston the Worried Whale’ is going to have a whole heap of neurotic adults breathing easy again too. It’s a comforting, captivating tale.”
– Sarah Henshaw,

“A great story for any little worriers in your Key Stage 1 class.”
-?Laura Farnworth, Waterhall Primary School

?Winston the Worried Whale is a lovely story with a serious message: Everyone has worries and it can be very hard to put these feelings into words. I thought the story illustrated this problem very well, providing a solution and I can certainly see this book being popular with children visiting libraries.?
– Susan McKay, Early Years Librarian, Aberdeenshire Libraries