Self-Awareness Programme CD-Rom

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25 themed lesson plans to develop social and emotional awareness

By Clare Mathieson

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A self-awareness programme to help children to explore and gain a better understanding of themselves and?to develop a sense of their own worth.?It also encourages children to see themselves in a positive light.

The programme is divided into?five units and teaches children to:

  • Identify and respect the differences and similarities between people
  • Feel good about themselves and face challenges
  • Think about themselves, learn from their experiences and recognise what they are good at
  • Understand that family and friends should care for each other
  • Understand that some things may change

In each section there are five ‘I can’ statements. Each statement is illustrated with a photo as a scene-setter. There are a number of short questions for the teacher to ask about the photo to establish understanding and pupil involvement and suggested activities.

The activities have been chosen to encourage the children to interact with each other in an enjoyable way. They provide opportunities for the children to?talk about themselves and express their own opinions. This will enable them to?develop self-confidence and help them to gain a better understanding of?themselves.

Throughout the programme there are target attitudes and behaviour?encapsulated in the ‘Wise Owl says’ box, for example:

Wise Owl says,?”When we play circle games we each take our turn. Wait quietly?and patiently, and be ready for your turn. Do not keep others waiting.”

The children are encouraged to develop a group ethos which, through placing?value upon themselves, enables the children to appreciate and respect the needs of?others.

Each lesson plan provides suggested teacher questions for group discussion?and follow-on activities.

Ages 5-11

ISBN 978-1-907370-21-2